If You Go Down To The Woods

On Saturday afternoon I thought it might be a good idea to go down to the woods and look at the bluebells. So I pedalled off into the countryside anticipating an easygoing ride. A little over half an hour later it was time to leave the tarmac and join a woodland bridleway that forms part of the Greensand Ridge long distance path.

Now I was aware we had some rain earlier in the week but I was surprised at the amount of mud and I found myself ill equipped being shod in flat soled shoes when stout boots would have been more suitable. Despite the mud a few minutes latter I was in a wood that was carpeted with bluebells.

Bluebell Wood
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The main track way through these particular woods is not normally used by forestry vehicles but on this occasion it was well churned up and a good proportion of the next quarter of a mile was spent pushing the bike around obstacles rather than risk an ignominious bath.

Close to the spot I refer to as the Centre Of The Wood a fallen tree had been cut though to keep the bridleway open.

Messed Up

Turning onto the track that heads west there were bits of tree all over the place. Now I am well aware that modern day forestry methods are far from being neat and tidy, however, closer inspection showed that this was not caused by some ill managed timber harvesting operation but was a result of the the winter storms.


The following photographs give a flavour of the damage caused.

Leaning Tree

Leaning Tree

Fallen Trees

Fallen Trees

Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Splintered Tree Trunk
Splintered Tree Trunk

I chose a slightly longer but less muddy way home. All in all it was an enjoyable fifteen mile ride.

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