New Tubes And Clean Filters

There were two tasks on the list this morning – change a couple of fluorescent tubes and clean the filters on the projector. The snag was that both jobs required an access tower to reach them.

Doing the tubes should have been straightforward but when we reached the first fitting and removed the tube it became apparent that one of the lamp-holders was defective and the whole unit would have to be replaced.

So before anyone went to the wholesaler we thought it wise to check the condition of the  second fitting. Thankfully that was OK so the tower was relocated under the duff fitting and I set about isolating the electricity supply and getting the fitting down while Martin went to get a new unit.

The suspension hooks were soon fitted to the new unit and before long it was hanging in mid air. Martin went to pass up two new tubes and dropped one. It went  “doof tinkle” as the bits of glass fell on the floor. The mess was quickly cleaned up and two tubes fitted. It was then time to re-energise the circuit and check our work.

The tower was dismantled and the components carried through to the Sanctuary. To get high enough to reach the projector required a working platform at about 4.5 metres above the floor. Manoeuvring 2 metre long sections of tower when you are trying to avoid hitting the projector that you want to service is tricky. But when it is finally assembled and there is a firm base to stand on the view is worthwhile.

The church clock

The Church Clock

Musicians' Gallery

Musicians’ Gallery

Cleaning the filters, which were filthy, was simple and then “Henry” the vacuum cleaner was hauled up on a rope to clean off the dust that had settled on the casing. The projector was then tested to ensure that we had not disturbed the alignment.

Last but least the tower was dismantled and packed back into the store room until the next time it is required – well if nothing else crops up that will be to clean the filters again in six months time.

The Projector

The Projector


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