A Day In The Worshops

The overhaul of 699.01, Sir Drefaldwyn, is proceeding well and despite the lack of a boiler it is beginning to look like a steam locomotive once again. The wheels are back in and the replacement water tanks and bunker are in position but not fully bolted down.

On Friday two of us were tasked with making and fitting a packing plate to go between the base of fireman’s side tank and the middle support bracket and complete a similar task that had been started on the driver’s side. There was a snag, however,  as the mounting holes in the new tank did not align correctly with the bracket. So as the bracket was easier to work on than the tank it was removed to be modified.

man using two spanners

Removing the tank support bracket.

The fixing holes required to be elongated and this was done mainly with a pneumatic die grinder and files.

Die grinder in use

Elongating the holes in the bracket

Close-up of the die grinder in use

Close-up of the die grinder in use

The packing plate was supplied to us pre-cut and all we had to do was measure the hole centres on the tank relative to the bracket, mark out the packer and drill it using the radial drilling machine. Well that was the theory …..

Eventually it was completed and fitted and we went on to fit a similar plate on the other side.

man instering bolts

Bolting down the drivers side water tank

Our progress was interrupted on several occasions so that we could help Simon, the workshop foreman, position the bunker. This was lifted into virtually the right position using the gantry and the fine adjustment was done using a sledge hammer and a block of wood.

Cola bunker being hoisted into the correct position

Coal bunker being hoisted into the correct position

Outside the rain was teaming down – note the streaks in the next photograph

New Coal Bunker

New Coal Bunker

The cab doors were then offered up.

Cab door

Easy does it

Locomotive cab door

It fits !!

Tanks and smoke box

Tanks and smoke box

Wheels and frames

Wheels and frames

Applying red paint

Applying red paint

That’s all for now.

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