W&LLR Workshop Week – Sir Drefaldwyn

699_01The departure of Simon Durrant to pastures new has caused a bit of a set back on the progress of the re-building of Sir Drefaldwyn. One of the problems being that for part of the week we are without a supervisor. However during the interregnum the workshops will be open at least Friday to Sunday.

During the first part of Workshop Week there was plenty of activity on the project and the following photographs and captions document a flavour of what has been happening.

IMG_9840Manufacturing a new pin for the brake operating linkage. The machine has been paused to allow David to check the diameter with a micrometer.

IMG_9863He is now lying on the floor under 699 to position a reamer into the brake operating crank.

IMG_9867_AWBTony and David are now turning the reamer using a long extension pole and a tommy bar.

IMG_9862_croppedIt fits !!

IMG_9844The bunker has been drilled for the number plate. Andrew is now removing it prior to the paint been rubbed down ready for the undercoat.

IMG_9846_croppedColin looks cheerful as he rubs down the side of the coal bunker.

IMG_9836_croppedDerek is cleaning up the moulds used for casting white metal into the coupling rod bearings.

IMG_9868The coupling rods are laid on trestles in the machine shop. Most of the holes in the rods were oval and in need of attention.

Beyond the rods, and wrapped in polythene sheeting, are the lower sections of the cab sides. These incorporate storage lockers and the driver’s side one also supports the reversing gear. On Tuesday they were taken to a local shot blasting contractor and were back by Wednesday afternoon.

IMG_9869_croppedCoupling rod on the milling machine. Keith is re-boring the hole that accommodates the bearing that runs on the driving axle crank-pin.

There is a short video of the boring operation here:

Bruce painting the end of the driver’s side cylinder casting.

IMG_9852_unsharpA look of concentration on his face.

IMG_9838Peter (left) and Tom (right) cutting angle iron for the cab.


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3 Responses to W&LLR Workshop Week – Sir Drefaldwyn

  1. Nick Robey says:

    Geoff, when do they expect the boiler to come back, are there more problems?

  2. Dave Carmichael says:

    Quick Note. .. Following Simons departure. .. The Workshops are still being maned ‘Mid Week’ on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s by Regular Volunteers.
    DaveC (Hoagy)

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