Workshop Week – The Earl

A series of captioned photographs describing a repair to The Earl.

The Earl Awaiting Attention

The Earl standing in the workshops of the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway at Llanfair Caerionion. Note that the cylinder cladding and valve chest cover has been removed.

The Earl - Valve Gear Dismantled

The Walschaerts valve gear is also partly dismantled – the eccentric rod and union link have been taken off.

Drain Cock Gear

Towards the end of the last season the cylinder drain cocks jammed open. When examined metallic debris was found and removed.

Debris Found In Cylinder Drain Cock

When the drain cocks were examined again on Monday 9th February more debris was found in the rear left hand side one. It comprises of pieces of copper that have worked their way down through the cylinder but have not been ejected (yet). The suspicion was that one of the screws that holds a shim onto the side of the slide valve has somehow come out.

Repairing The Earl's Slide Valve

The slide valve was dismantled and sure enough a screw was missing. Please don’t ask me how a screw with a countersunk head can “escape” when it is secured within the buckle of the valve rod as I have no explanation to offer.

In the picture above the remaining five screws are being removed. Three came out quite easily the other two put up a quite a good fight.

Tailstock Die Holder

A piece of copper bar has been turned down to 1/4 inch diameter and a tailstock dieholder and die are being used to cut a thread. In this process the drive to the chuck is disengaged and the chuck is rotated by hand.

Countersunk Screw Ready For Cutting From The Bar

In this view thread cutting is complete and the screw is ready to be cut from the bar stock.

Valve Chest With Slide Valve Visible

The valve and valve gear was then reassembled.

Fitting The Valve Chest Cover

The valve chest cover was fitted and the nuts done up good and tight. The  gland was then packed.

Valve Gear & Cylinder Cladding Re-Assembled

The cladding box was re-fitted and last but not least the jack lifted back into position and bolted down.


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