WWW – Wet Weekend in Welshpool

For the first weekend of the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway’s 2015 operating season the weather was horrid. Nevertheless there were a good number of passengers and those I spoke to were enjoying the experience.

The rain limited the number of opportunities for taking photographs but here are a selection of weather and water related shots. To see a larger version of any picture just click on it.

Rain drops on railway engine cab windowDeparting from Welshpool Raven Square station Countess is approaching the Advanced Starting Signal. The rain was coming in one side of the cab and going out the other.

view from railway engine cab windowOn the reverse curves of the fearsome, 1 in 29 gradient (3.4%), Golfa Bank. Mile post 2 1/4 comes into sight. At least the heavy rain had washed any ‘slippery stuff’ off the rail head and we never had any adhesion problems at all.

water filled ditch and trees seen from railway engine cab windowFour Mile Oak and the ditch at the side of the railway line is carrying some very muddy looking water.

River Banwy in a state of floodThe River Banwy at The Kink.
The river is normally well below the ground that those trees are in.

River Banwy in a state of floodHeading to Welshpool and climbing out of The Kink. The river is beginning to flood the field on the other side.

River Banwy in a state of flood at Dolrhyd MillPassing Dolrhyd Mill. On this occasion the river was only about two feet (600mm) below the top of the wall.

River Banwy in a state of flood at Dolrhyd MillA little further round Mill Curves. Those trees are doing a good job of keeping the fast moving water away from the railway embankment.

Looking out across the remains of the mill dam

The remains of Dolrhyd Mill dam taken on a day when the river was in a gentler mood.

 River Banwy in a state of flood at Dolrhyd MillDolrhyd Mill dam on Saturday afternoon (28th March)

River Banwy in a state of flood at Dolrhyd MillThe same spot at about 11:50 on Sunday morning (29th March)


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4 Responses to WWW – Wet Weekend in Welshpool

  1. Del Curtis says:

    Brilliant pictures Geoff, I have one or two of my own which I’ll e-mail out eventually. Many thanks.

  2. . I was thinking, were was all that rain going I was working in at the weekend went to, now I can see were it goes!. Great pictures to look at when your sitting in doors in front of the log fire, fuelled from the hard work of the hedge bash crew Thanks

    • Tanllan says:

      Darren, Glad you like the pictures. It was certainly a grim weekend for working outdoors or on steam engines. Castle Bank looks fantastic now it has been cleared of all that vegetation. Geoff

  3. Thinking about the cold and rainy weather makes you realise that the crews of Dukedogs and those early Cambrian Sharp Stewarts were a hardy breed…especially running in reverse! No wonder they liked the BR standards. It is lovely to see the line from your “office”- we must have a wander over to Llanfair Caereinion soon for a spot of photography..

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