July The Obscure

I don’t really have the time for writing much at the moment so here are a few obscure photos.

Fire Glow

This picture was taken from the inspection pit and is looking in through the back damper door of Countess. The glow from the fire provides the lighting. After the morning inspection and boiler blow down have been completed the locomotive will be moved to the ashpit and the ash and cinders seen here raked out.

Birds Nests On The Tube Plate

The firebox end tube plate of Countess before grate was cleared and the fire lit. The lower rows of tubes have got a build up of clinker or ‘birds nests’ on them. If this is not scraped off then the heat from the fire cannot efficiently pass through the tubes to boil the water and so make steam.


A photo of the copper cap on the top of Countess’ chimney. In the reflection you can see the rails to the shed, the oil store hut, the photograher’s hands & camera and the corrugated iron wall of the engine shed.

Mechanical Inspection

A view of the under side of Countess looking up at the fireman’s side connecting rod, little end, crosshead and coupling rod.

Escaped Hay Bale

This photo is nothing to do with engines. On the upper half of Castle Bank, near Coppice Lane, a hay bale has rolled down the field, cleared the fence without demolishing it and is now lying in the ditch at the bottom of the embankment.



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2 Responses to July The Obscure

  1. The copper cap photo is a beauty, and the other pics are very interesting an unusual views that could only have been taken by someone very close and familiar with steam engines. An excellent breakfast treat 🙂

  2. Tanllan says:

    Iain, thanks for your encouraging comments. The copper cap photo was taken immediately after polishing it and yes it was very close-up shot – I was stood on the driver’s side steam chest. Geoff

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