An Afternoon Stroll

This post is a bit of a curved ball. But, this blog is about stuff that takes my fancy so for this post there is a departure from the normal subject matter.

After a busy morning Margaret and I went for a gentle walk along the canal towpath. For the first section from Three Locks we had the hedgerows between us and the bright hot sunshine but beyond Stoke Hammond Bridge we were in the full glare.

Leaking Lock Gates

The bottom gates of the top lock were leaking badly and the lock chamber was steadily emptying. The works plate shows that the gates were made in 1998.

Heron At rest

We came across a heron standing on the towpath. As we approached it flew about a hundred yards further on and came to rest on the edge of a pool of light.

Take Off

Needless to say as we got closer it took flight

Travel Air 3000

Somewhat higher up a Travel Air 3000 biplane passed overhead.
It was built in the USA in 1928 and a short history of the aircraft can be found at this link

Inquisitive Cygnets

A little way beyond Stoke Hammond Lock there was a group of inquisitive cygnets and a parent. They quickly came across to see if we had anything for them to eat.

Feeding Frenzy

Disappointed that we had nothing but a camera they drifted off. Finding a carcass of some unfortunate creature floating in the water their behaviour became anything but graceful as for a few minutes there was feeding frenzy.



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2 Responses to An Afternoon Stroll

  1. delboy. says:

    A pleasant relaxing change Geoff. Please continue.

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