Replica Private Owner Wagon – Update

This is a quick update on the progress of the replica J Lloyd Peate & Sons private owner wagon being built at the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway. Unless credited otherwise photographs are from the author’s collection.

Wagon Chassis

The timber components of the chassis have been assembled and the W Irons fitted to the Welshpool end. The other metal components bolted to the side of the solebar are, from left to right: corner bracket, floor/side knee support bracket, curved washer plate, straight washer plate, corner bracket.

Coupler Body

The coupler body has been fitted to the headstock. The other coupler components will  not be fitted until much later.

W Iron

This is the other side of the chassis. The black metal components below the solebars are the spring hanger brackets.

Drag Box

This view shows the Llanfair end dragbox and the draw bars that connect it to the dragbox at the other end. This assembly links the couplers at each end of the wagon and all the pulling forces pass through it rather than the wooden components.



The Carriage & Wagon Team Leader ‘JB’ had set a target to have a rolling chassis by Christmas. This was achieved on Saturday 17th December.

Photo courtesy of the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway


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3 Responses to Replica Private Owner Wagon – Update

  1. John Penny says:

    Very interesting chaps and excellent progress. What sort of timber is it?

  2. A beautiful piece of work, I hope to see it in person one day soon
    best regards from Stockholm

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